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A curated collection 
of my favorite finds.  

Plucked with love and intent. Every item chosen to spark the Blue Feather spirit in you.

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The Blue Feather Mercantile is a collection of beautiful items that will make your space look and feel full of life. "Gems" that have been plucked from near and far, all with the purpose of sharing my unique and relatable gifts & finds.  Blue Feather 'Revivals' also carries vintage & refurbished furniture in search of a new place to rest their newly restored purpose.  ​


Get to Know Blue Feather

With the flow of the wind a Blue Feather travels many places near and far.  It is a unique spirit that loves the feel of the drift to a new place.  It seeks out new surfaces of the earth, lingering for a moment until the wind guides it to its next destination.  That feeling of freedom, inspiration from your new surroundings, and plucking a timeless treasure to take with you to remember that certain stop along the way.

My name is Emily Norton, founder and owner of Blue Feather. I am a lover of restoration, travel, home decor and the power of a special pieces nested in our spaces to reflect one's unique journey. Whether its restoring a timeless piece that you can't part with, adding special touches, or reviving a space in your home, Blue Feather is here to inspire your space to transcend.

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(310) 970-4421 /


8605 Santa Monica Blvd ~ PMB441921 West Hollywood, CA 90069

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